Customised Employment

If you want to work, we believe you are 'Job Ready'

Discovery and Employment


Discovery is understanding who you are and what your ideal conditions of employment are.

It is NEVER about being a test of your work readiness or to send you off into endless training.

It is the underpinning process in Customised Employment, an evidence based system that supports real meaningful employment in the community, not simply fitting you into any job.

Why Does This matter?

With the NDIS, we have the chance to have a job customised around what you and a business need.

But most importantly you get a job in your community that pays a real wage.

On The Job Support

You can access On the Job Support using your NDIS funding for as long as required.

You will also be given opportunities to fund training that's there when you need it for as long as you need it.

How Long Does It Take And How Does It Get Paid For?

Experience has shown that people generally undertake Discovery for up to 4O hours. This gives everyone the time to understand you and what works for you.

If you have employment as a goal, we can find a variety of line items in your NDIS Plan to fund the Discovery process.

What's The Outcome?

  • At the end of the 40 hours we will have a very good understanding of what type of workplaces are best suited to you.
  • We will have 'discovered' that through spending time with you in your community, talking to people that are important to you and from that information, having you do work experiences in places that seem to fit.
  • We use your knowledge of your community to draw up lists of workplaces that seem to match the environment that enables you to be 'at your best',
  • Our team then approach them, not with a job in mind but to 'discover' their needs, seeking to link their needs with yours.
  • Any matches are brought back to you to consider.

Because nothing happens without you!

What Discovery Is:

Discovery seeks to understand who you are so job seeking is built around you.

We will maximize opportunities for you to be at your best.

Discovery starts in a place you are familiar and comfortable with, not our office! We spend time with you, your family and others who know you well.

Discovery is about us spending time with you in the community to understand things like;

  • transport options,
  • employment opportunities that may be hidden and
  • generally understanding what opportunities exist for you to get and maintain employment.

Discovery is about your interests, skills and community opportunities.

We will meet employers, undertake work experiences that refine your potential

employment pathway. 

We want to know what makes your eyes sparkle.

What Discovery Is Not:

Discovery does not start and continue in our office,

Discovery is not sitting in a room learning how to write resumes and use a computer to job search on a website.

Discovery is not asking you what you would like to do and then approaching employers for jobs.

Discovery is not ignoring your community and what hidden or not obvious jobs that it has to offer.

Discovery is not about us customising a job for you without you having the opportunity to undertake work experience.

Discovery is not a job service telling you what you should do

Discovery is not sitting in a classroom with ten strangers being taught to be job ready - you were born job ready, we just have to find out what that job is,

Want to know more?

You can contact Tulgeen by email or phone.


Phone: 02 6499 0800

Office: Sapphire Market Place, Upper Level,

83 Upper Street, Bega NSW 2550

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