Support Coordination

Do you have an NDIS Plan with funding for a Support Coordinator?

With so many NDIS service providers and mainstream community services available, it can be confusing to find which services are best for you, or how to access them.

Tulgeen has been providing disability services in the Bega Valley for over 40 years.

Kate, Vince and Simon from Tulgeen’s Support Coordination team have a wealth of experience and can work with you to guide you in finding the right services and supports. They can assist you to get the best value from your plan whilst using creative and innovative solutions to help you achieve your NDIS Goals.

Your Support Coordinator will listen to you to fully understand your needs and goals, and to help you understand the content of your NDIS Plan. Your Support Coordinator will then use their local knowledge and experience to help you select the right services – both NDIS funded and mainstream community services to help you move toward achieving your goals.

Your Support Coordinator also works alongside you to:

Monitor your progress towards your goals.

Help you develop new goals as your needs change.

Help you to prepare for your yearly NDIS Plan review meetings, supporting you in your plan review meeting.

We speak their language

As experienced Support Coordinators we advocate with NDIS Planners, service providers and allied health professionals to ensure you receive all the supports and services you need. We speak their language and can assist you to understand funded supports.

What will my Support Coordinator do?

Your Support Coordinator will regularly advise you of how the funding in your plan is being utilised, to ensure you are adequately supported throughout the duration of your plan, whilst assisting you to maximise your funds.

Your Support Coordinator will work with you to review whether your current support mix meets your needs, or whether alternate options may be more suitable. Part of this should consider emerging, innovative support options or service delivery models (e.g. telehealth) in helping you pursue your goals.

Your Support Coordinator will work with you to prepare for unexpected events or interruptions in supports, including establishing supports to prevent crisis situations, and ensuring a plan is in place should a crisis occur. Should a crisis situation arise, your Support Coordinator will help you to put the plan into action and to access the appropriate supports, including crisis or emergency services.

We can also deliver supports remotely across NSW using phone, email and video conferencing.

Our virtual options provide you with the flexibility and choice to receive support anywhere in NSW.

Contact Our Support Coordinators Now

As a Service Provider, Tulgeen is always mindful of the potential for conflict of interest and has a policy to ensure transparent person centered services at all times.

You can contact the Support Coordination team via email at, call our team on 02 6499 0800, or submit a Support Coordination enquiry here.

Learn about Tulgeens Support Coordination Program

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