Costa Visits Tulgeen Riverside Nursery

YourSpace @ Tulgeen’s Riverside Nursery is a vibrant space to host your next event.

We recently hosted Eat Dirt Permaculture, Candelo Books, The Headland Writers Group, Councillor Karen Wright and Costa from Gardening Australia for a Q&A session to discuss his book Costa’s World!

Our venue can host small to medium sized events. Just think your next meeting, training or workshop could be facilitated in an intimate space full of life and atmosphere.

Your senses will be stimulated by Tulgeen’s artist displays while you are surrounded in lush plant and water feature displays.

Contact Riverside Nursery to discuss your coming event needs.

Tulgeen’s Riverside Nursery is a Social Enterprise that employs people with disability and provides training opportunities.

Tulgeen Riverside Nursery recently held a book signing with gardening guru, Costa.

Emily was pleased she had the opportunity to meet Costa and have a photo taken with him.

Emily is one of Tulgeens well known artists.

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